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Paddington Chiropractic was established in 1993 and Sean Healy has been the principal and owner since taking over in 1998. Paddington Chiropractic use gentle, modern and holistic chiropractic to promote the health and wellbeing of its patients.

We want people to have the chance to experience how it feels to live with improved spinal function. We want to help get you back to enjoying what you love in life.

To achieve this we integrate multiple approaches and techniques, tailoring our treatment to each patient’s individual needs. Paddington Chiropractic Clinic can offer a combination of techniques through our team of practitioners, including chiropractic, postural correction, muscle work, nutritional support, stress management, lifestyle and exercise recommendations.

Our Services

Modern, Gentle Chiropractic

If the spine is not functioning well it may cause irritation to the surrounding muscles, soft tissues and nerves. Chiropractic mobilises spinal joints with the aim of improving spinal function. It can be done very gently and comfortably.

Chiropractic for Kids and During Pregnancy

Chiropractic during pregnancy and childhood can be a safe and effective way to support the health and wellness of both parent and child.

At Home Exercises

At Paddington Chiropractic Centre we hope to provide you with the tools to feel your best everyday. Our exercise page has some of our favourite videos for helping manage common lifestyle pains inbetween appointments. 

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