Location and Parking

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We are situated on the main street of Paddington up towards the Bardon end of Latrobe Tce. Landmarks to look out for include the Paddington Antique Centre (50m towards town on the same side of the street) and Chapter IV Cade across the road.

Please be aware that only street parking is available. At most times there is ample parking around, however, between 10am and 3pm, parking is at a premium because of the many great cafes and shops in the area! If you have issues with mobility we suggest you try to make appointments outside of these peak times.

Most street parking is along our section of Latrobe Tce is permitted up to 30 minutes and beyond although, be aware that there is a 10 minute zone outside Dutch Vinyl and Chapter IV Cafe.

Don’t worry if you have a little distance to walk as we recommend that you have a few minutes walk after each adjustment to enable things to settle and to assist your adjustments to “hold” better.

Our favourite spots to find a parking spot at busy times;

  • Free 3 hour parking in Paddington Central about 350m down Latrobe Tce
    • 30 minute and 2 hour zones on Latrobe Tce towards Bardon roundabout
    • The top of Bernhard St (although can be a bit steep) and Wilden St
    • The 30min zone in front of Estelle’s antiques at the top of Collinwood St.

Clinic Details

183 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington



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8.00 - 1.00


Check our map of likely street parking