Chiropractic During Pregnancy & Childhood

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Our chiropractors are very experienced in adjusting and treating children of all ages which is reflected in the large number of children we see in the practice. Dr Sean and Dr Lance also understand the unique needs of pregnant women, offering gentle, non-invasive adjusting techniques to promote overall wellness.

Chiropractic for Kids & Babies

You might not be aware that children can benefit from chiropractic care from a very early age.

Children often respond very quickly to chiropractic because they heal rapidly and haven’t yet developed long term altered movement patterns.

Most parents report that their children enjoy and look forward to their adjustments.

If you would like to read more about the benefits of chiropractic for kids you can look through our references here.

Chiropractic during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, there are several structural, physiological and hormonal changes that occur in preparation for the developing baby that may put stress on the spine, pelvis and other joints, resulting in pain and dysfunction.

We also use  the Webster Technique, and other chiropractic techniques with the goal of gently improving the function of these areas.

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